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Lijiang Wonderport  International Hotel
Lijiang Wonderport International Hotel 113 USD

Lijiang Dianjun Wang Hotel
Lijiang Dianjun Wang Hotel 73 USD

Lijiang International Hotel
Lijiang International Hotel 82 USD

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Tourist Attractions in Lijiang

Tourist Attractions in Lijiang
Principal attractions in Lijiang: the ancient town of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow mountain, Black and White Water River, Hutiaoxia city, the first gulf in Yangtze River, Lugu Lake, Black Dragon Pond, Wufeng Buildings, A scenic area of Yushuizai, Shen Spring, Fiesta Wind Field (the poetic spring which gushes at 2400 metres from thousands of years) ... More >>>

Lijiang Travel Information

Lijiang Travel Information
Lijiang is located in the northwest of Chinese province of Yunnan, 2400 metres of altitude. Lijiang is rich of natural spring and thermal structures, many hotels are specialized on wellness treatments. Lijiang has 3000 varieties of seed plants, 400 kinds of wood, and more than 600 kinds of medicine plants, so it is called the country of the natural medicine ... More >>>

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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Lijiang Wonderport International Hotel113 USDBook
♦ Lijiang Dianjun Wang Hotel73 USDBook
♦ Lijiang International Hotel82 USDBook
♦ Chateau L'Act Hotel ,Lijiang (Original Pariday Sun Holiday Hotel)123 USDBook
♦ Adange Hotel, Lijiang45 USDBook
♦ Dexin Hotel, Lijiang36 USDBook
♦ Sanhe Hotel Lijiang42 USDBook
♦ Golden Spring Hotel59 USDBook
♦ Lijiang Huama Hotel55 USDBook
♦ Lijiang King Han International Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Golden Path Hospitality , Lijiang120 USDBook
♦ Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel64 USDBook
♦ Wangfu Hotel,Lijiang68 USDBook
♦ Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden Hotel49 USDBook
♦ Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang45 USDBook
♦ Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang)37 USDBook
♦ Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,Lijiang71 USDBook
♦ Liwang Hotel, Lijiang59 USDBook
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